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Toll Free in Alberta 1 - 800 - 661-0351
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about us

To provide risk-based regulatory oversight and a deposit guarantee to enable a safe and sound credit union system in Alberta.

Primary Roles

  • Provide a 100% guarantee of deposits held with Alberta credit unions
  • Regulate credit unions and enforce the Credit Union Act
  • Review, advise and direct credit unions on sound business practices
  • Monitor credit union performance and implement appropriate actions to improve performance and reduce risks
  • Establish individual credit union loan approval limits and provide an appropriate adjudication process for loans exceeding these limits

Corporate Values

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Accountability

Core Operations

    There are three interrelated core operations that contribute to fulfilling our mandate:

  • guaranteeing deposits
  • regulating credit unions, and
  • managing our business

Unclaimed Balances

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