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Corporate governance includes the policies, bylaws and processes used to oversee the business and affairs of the Corporation. The Board of Directors has this governance responsibility and operates under formal Terms of Reference. Many Board functions are carried out by the committees of the Board, the Risk Management Committee, the Audit and Finance Committee and the Governance and Human Resources Committee, with committee recommendations debated and voted on by the Board.

Board Mandate

The Board is responsible for the stewardship of the Corporation and ensures its purposes and business activities as outlined in the Credit Union Act are fulfilled, as per its Terms of Reference.

  • The Board holds a planning meeting annually for the development of a strategic plan. In accordance with the Bylaws, the final plan is approved by the Board and submitted to the Minister of Alberta Treasury Board and Finance for approval.
  • The risks of the Corporation are identified on a regular basis through the strategic planning process and at Board and committee meetings. The Corporation has adopted an Enterprise Risk Management Framework.
  • The Governance and Human Resources Committee reports to the Board regarding senior management succession planning and employee training.
  • The Board monitors and approves the appointment of the President and CEO position.
  • The Board approves the communications policy for the Corporation.
  • The integrity of internal controls and management information systems are reviewed at Audit and Finance Committee meetings.
  • The Board administers the Mandate and Roles Document, between the Minister of Alberta Treasury Board and Finance and the Corporation.
  • The review of committee memberships and Terms of Reference is completed annually.
  • The Board approves and monitors the bylaws, policies and practices of the Corporation.
  • The Audit and Finance Committee reviews quarterly financial reports and performance and recommends the approval of annual audited financial statements to the Board.
  • The Board reviews recommendations from the committees and establishes ad hoc task forces of the Board as needed.
  • The Board establishes appropriate deposit guarantee rates assessed to the credit unions.
  • The Board approves the Annual Report.

The following governance and policy documents are available in PDF format

Mandate and Roles Document:

Recruitment and Appointment Process for Directors:

Code of Conduct and Ethics for Directors:

Code of Conduct and Ethics for Employees:

Whistleblower Disclosure Policy and Program:

Expense Disclosure:

The Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation is accountable for effective stewardship of the Corporationís funds and is committed to providing transparency by reporting travel, hospitality and working session expenses incurred by members of its executive team and board of directors. This reporting will be completed on a quarterly basis.

Public Sector Body Compensation Disclosure:

Public Sector bodies are now required to post online the names and compensation paid to:
  • All board members
  • Employees who earn over $127,765 for 2017, $126,375 for 2016 and over $125,000 for 2015

This is a requirement under the Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act, which applies to:

Compensation information is required to be disclosed by June 30.

Compensation Disclosure Report

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