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Public Sector Body Compensation Disclosure

The Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation (Corporation), an agency of the Government of Alberta and funded 100% by the credit union system, has posted the compensation paid to all board members, and to employees who meet the $127,765 threshold for 2017, the $126,375 threshold for 2016 and the $125,000 threshold for 2015. Disclosures will be maintained for five years.

As indicated in the chart below, ‘Compensation’ for the Corporation includes the total of all amounts paid and benefits provided that are required for tax purposes to be included for income for that year – basically, Box 14 of the employee’s and/or board member’s T4. This includes base salary plus taxable benefits which can include 9% employer contributions to the Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan(RRSP), independent life and accidental disability insurance, wellness allowance and subsidies for the Edmonton Transit System Work Program. In addition the executive receive a vehicle allowance and paid parking, and additional contributions to the Group RRSP to the maximum allowable under Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

As indicated in the chart below, ‘Other’ for the Corporation includes non-monetary benefits which is the employer’s portion of CPP and EI, WCB and health and dental premiums. The Corporation does not have a defined pension plan for its employees, but provides a Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan that is indicated within the total of the employee’s compensation amount.

For any inquiries relating to compensation disclosure for the Corporation, please contact Monica Fenton, Assistant VP, Governance & HR at 780.426.8680 or mfenton@cudgc.ab.ca

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Compensation = salary plus taxable benefits including 9% employer Group RRSP contributions, Insurance, Independent Life & ADD, ETS Work Program, Vehicle Allowance and parking for a few employees.

Other = non-taxable benefits, including employer's portion of CPP and EI, WCB and health premiums.

* President & CEO contract attached

** Directors are paid on a per diem basis in accordance with the Committee Remuneration Order Schedule 1. The Chair receives an annual retainer of $10,000 as authorized by an Order in Council.

*** This board member does not receive any compensation from CUDGC. Disclosure of compensation will be through the Government of Alberta.

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